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Custom IT Solutions

Fully Managed Hands-On I.T.

With 15 years experience in managing IT for small businesses in Canberra, and a passion for improving every system I've come across, I am extremely keen to find new ways to help your business get the most out of your data, your network and your web presence.

I can advise on getting the most out of your current systems, while identifying new technologies and opportunities that might help expand your current potential. I'm always happy to provide cost studies on the cheap alternative or best possible way to implement a new feature or piece of technology.

I have extensive experience in the following areas of IT management - talk to me about a custom solution for your business:

  • Custom Intranet Services
    Manage bookings, resources, staff assignments, tasks
  • Custom Databases
    Review your data systems, speed up data entry, manage timesheets and client lists, together with mailouts and Microsoft Office automation and achieve much greater efficiency and planning capability
  • Business Websites
    Hosting as well as ongoing design improvements and regular updates
  • Email Management
    Microsoft Exchange or Gmail for shared calendars, mail groups or special requirements

...and many more areas depending on your particular organisation - the opportunity is there to do so much more with your IT.

A Bit About Me

I grew up in Canberra, with a 2 year stint in PNG through years 7 and 8. I've always loved computers and design which led me into studying Architecture at Uni of Canberra. From Architecture I worked with Engineers and Architects as a draftsman while studying and a couple of years full-time. I moved into a position with ABC Television in 2003, and have consulted for various small businesses alongside full time work for over 10 years.

My passions also include my family, strategic gaming (from board games to computer games) and programming with an interest in AI and game design. I like to think of myself as responsible, community-minded and a warm, friendly person. I value honesty, creativity and fairness.

With this site I intend to put myself 'out there' more, as available for IT projects for small business and not-for-profit organisations from 1 to around 20 staff. I also intend to build a blog where I will post case studies, intriguing ideas in internet and applications, and some personal commentary that may be useful for anyone following a similar path in life or running a small business valuing better computer outcomes.



Standalone and Intranet

Every business has its own sets of data and some way to organise it all.

Every now and then it is essential to review how that data is being organised, and utilised, to make sure your business gets the absolute best productivity and results.

The opportunities for effective database design could help your business in many areas:

  • Staff Productivity
    Optimising Hours, Project Management, Workflow Review
  • Project Records
    Project Management, Financial Records, Billing
  • Client Contact
    Log and Review Project Discussions, Client Contact Systems

There are a near infinite number of possible standalone databases or webpage-based-systems (either private or public).

If you would like to explore the opportunities for better organisation and productivity in your business or organisation, please contact me through the site or call 0421 671 000 (Australia).

Websites, Web Presence

Running any public organisation these days requires a presence on the internet. There are many styles and ways to do this, and it requires continous review in order to stay relevant and as effective as possible.

To get the most out of your web presence, I can design, update and continually review each website for your business. I will review your site's search visibility, advertising and demographics, enabling better targetting and drawing more business or publicity.

For greatest stability I can manage the hosting of websites and email servers, enabling me to monitor them 7 days a week, and usually fix potential issues before you or your customers notice them.

Email and Calendars

With customised hosting, I can offer a number of solutions to service your business needs. With a Gmail or Microsoft Exchange server, you can share calendars between colleagues, distribute emails from custom email addresses to multiple staff members for attention, or solve other productivity issues with an intelligent IT setup.

Gaining a Second Wind

Life with a baby...

I really should have remembered that having a baby is exhausting.

I'm getting back to fairly normal sort of routine now, but I've gone through sleep-deprivation, a pushed-back deadline, crazy giddy happiness, photo-mania, and a million other mirage-like events/stages over the last 4 weeks.

Having a baby is alot like having a client deadline that you can't miss, but it keeps getting extended a day at a time. I somehow forgot the nights of interruptions every 3 hours (if you're lucky), holding her and rocking her to sleep, wishing I could understand what it is that she's finding uncomfortable - and how do you ever tell when that last burp has come? Do you just keep going 10 minutes after the last, or put her to bed and wait with baited breath to see if you can finally stop worrying for another few hours.

I've been really enjoying the experience(s) as well. Despite all the minor inconveniences I'm loving this period of our family life together. I'm finding out new facets of my wife's character, as I hear her singing to our little girl, or see her struggling across the room at 4am but still smile as she reaches into the cot. I'm learning about my own reserves of strength, every time I get out of bed just to pass her over to my wife for feeding, then go back to sleep, get up to change a nappy, then drift off only to wake again and help her settle back to sleep for the next precious hours of sleep for all of us. Working on website projects alongside this sort of schedule has been interesting. I had a good two weeks of no working, but am back to trying to finish my main project, and keep in touch with my other clients who have work to be done before Christmas. I love my work, which is good, because otherwise this swapping between two demanding gigs would be heart- and other organ- breaking.

Baby vs. Programming

Because of doing both programming and parenting, while existing in close to a dream state some days, I've been thinking to myself about the similarities between the two worlds. Tempting as it is to try and have her first words be "Hello World!", I am more thinking about the idea of unit-testing over burping cycles, or finding ways to optimise the repetitive tasks, and how to best care for and encourage the best in my daughter, even at such early days. I love how she's starting to stare into our eyes as she goes to sleep, and how she is starting to play with the bars on the cot if placed within reach. I love how she wil hold a finger and not let go. I am so excited by it all, and it's been so great to have the reason to work so hard just lying in the next room, or in a bassinet next to me.

Déjà vu

Something else that's been very interesting is the confidence that comes from doing this a second time. I have a 9 year old son who's an amazing kid, and just the faint memories of having been through all this before is a really interesting feeling. I have confidence that each stage or new thing I find difficult will get better or pass with time, and I have little memories of how some things can be done best, like my mind has been prepared to do what I need to do already. It's really quite amazing how much confidence and comfort it gives me.

Dream Projects, Design Notes, Ramblings

Starting this Site...

New Beginnings

It has been a long time coming, but I guess eventually everyone working on websites for others has to formally create his own...

With the concurrent ending of two long term projects, I have decided to step out and start officially looking for a few new clients to take on. Its an exciting time for me and I look forward to seeing how things unfold over the next months as I contact firms, figure out my sales pitch, and look for the most interesting opportunities for creative IT projects I can persuade firms of the benefits of.

This week I have been reading up on better coding practice, how to best launch a small business (something I keep re-reading up on), and I've just started my latest free online course on Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis, which I'm expecting will help me on some interesting side projects I hope to display on this site once I get a chance (I'm hoping to look at political decision making, alongside an idea for plot-developing AI.)

The site is intended to be both a portfolio of previous works and a contact point for new clients, while also affording me the chance to try new techniques and code libraries to both learn something new and build a solid repertoire of techniques for clients who want something that stands out, rather than a cheapest possible wordpress site. I am starting to be ok with an occasional wordpress setup, but it really needs to be said that it is entirely possible to do much better, both for presenting a business online and for the experience of whoever is tasked with regular updates.

I'm experimenting with the transform3D options in modern browsers, and finding most things are ok, but my contact form and links once transformed in 3D stop lining up with the mouse cursor in Internet Explorer so I've temporarily disabled the 3D presentation in that browser. I'm also checking whether getBoundingClientRect() might be a better way to find the pixel co-ordinates once an element has been transformed, but my current setup works with offset() relative to the parent element, so my scrolling to different pages works.

I intend to improve the site incrementally, with a design element or two each week, starting with the heading section and adding some animation to improve the feel. I purchased a Greensock licence this year to do a client's site, and I look forward to using it across many areas of the site. (I plan to completely replace the slideshow library with custom animations for example, and use it for smooth scrolling with nice ease-out functionality. Oh, and try dragging the contact form around on the Contact Me page of the site!)

Setting myself up for running the business side of things, I've begun a database for clients and contact records, started reaching out to professional contacts and potential clients, and investigated a few services I hope to offer clients as they come on board. Its been an invigorating week, and I'm looking forward to the weekend and the following week.

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